Clinical Auditing

Our clinical Auditing is carried out by Cathy Bell

Cathy was also an Advisor for both  the Department of Education  and the NI Education Authority in relation to the Independent Counseling Service for schools. Cathy has also been Chair of BACP Children, Young People and Family Executive Committee and continues to serve as a member of the executive.

In recognition of her work with children and young people and especially her work in establishing the Independent Counselling Service for Schools in Northern Ireland {ICSS} Cathy was awarded a BACP Fellowship. Cathy has also been involved in policy development across the United Kingdom including school counselling and emotional health and well-being.

To ensure the ICSS was being delivered within the  ethical  guidelines , competency framework and meeting the high  contractual/governance  requirements, Cathy set up a Clinical Auditing Service which each year takes a random sample from the  11 geographical areas were the  ICSS service is provided. This serves as a measurement of service delivery and gives both funders, and the service users a degree of confidence the service is fit for purpose.

What is a Clinical Audit?

Clinical Auditing is used widely within the Health Services and is an activity which the National Institute of Clinical Excellency defines as,

“A systematic review of a practice process or performance to establish how well it meets predetermined criteria” ref:

This can be thematic e.g., safeguarding, counselling interventions used or a general audit looking at the counselling process overall.

In respect of Time4you, a selection of anonymized material relating to an agreed area would be measured against areas such as contractual requirements/ethical framework.


Findings from the clinical audit will provide time4you information in respect of areas such as:

  • how well the service is being delivered.
  • examples of exemplary practice
  • areas of work which require additional input.
  • Governance
  • Training needs


Clinical Auditing can serve as an additional quality assurance measure to commissioners and funders.  Training needs identified can develop the therapist’s skills and knowledge.  Alongside this, clinical auditing can add to time4you’s ability to deliver high quality therapeutic interventions.

 It also illustrates time4You’s commitment to providing safe high-level therapeutic interventions.

Cathy Bell,

Master’s in counselling Children and Young People, Fellow British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists Diploma in Social Work. Post Qualifying Award in Social Work. Practice Teacher’s Award in Social Work.