Why It Matters

Why does it matter?

It matters because distressed children and young people are unable to flourish and grow.

Our young people face many types of challenges that can often leave them frightened, pressurised and unable to cope.  Unless they are given the opportunity to explore their feelings of helplessness, fear or anger, this is often displayed at home or in the classroom. Some young people will become aggressive and/or disruptive, whereas others may withdraw completely, avoiding friends and relationships, shutting everyone out. 

What People Say

We gather feedback from schools, parents and young people on a regualr basis to ensure the counselling we are delivering can be to the best standard it can be.

Thank you! Teaching staff have commented on an improvement in his attitude which I think is due to your involvement.

Secondary School Head Teacher

Thank you for all the support you have offered Kayleigh , I have seen a real difference and I am giving her positive feedback on a regular basis.

Academy Teacher of Maths

I consider Time 4 You to be our 4th Emergency Service” young people are, Much more confident, less angry more positive towards school and self, more co-operative

Linda Halbert CEO Teeside Learning Trust

A quality service which we rely on, highly valued by children and staff and a normal part of school life.

Deputy Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead – Secondary School

Positive improvement in confidence and self discipline, I feel that the work done has had a great stabilising effect and helped immensely.

Parent of primary school child

My daughter has improved loads and has started to control her feelings better than before.

Parent of Primary School Young Person – Year 2

It’s helped me a lot with controlling my temper and what to do if I do lose it.

Mark – aged 15

I feel that my mind is clearer now and I have less things to worry about

Year 9 Student – Scalby School

I never thought it would be like that, you have changed all my views about counselling and helped me find myself! I really appreciate it!

Laura – aged 14

I am dealing with things better. I have better motivation. Counselling has helped me so much, it’s unbelievable! I’m so grateful for the support.

Young person – Year 11

I have enjoyed being able to talk about my worries and not carry them around with me

Young person – Year 7

I find that I don’t have a go at my friends when I’m stressed anymore

Student Year 11 – Scalby School

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